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3 Ways to Get Creative at The Harvey

get creative at The Harvey

A creative mind is a healthier, happier mind. Luckily, you don’t have to write a novel or create a priceless masterpiece to get creative at The Harvey. Try out these fun and incredibly simple ways to spark your creativity – no talent necessary!

Get Musical

If you grew up playing an instrument, brush up on your skills. If you’ve never learned how to play one, it’s never too late to learn! Or, just take some time to listen to music. Really listen. Absorb yourself into your favorite song or let Spotify introduce you to a new one. What new things can you notice about the beat or the lyrics?

Think about the music you like and the mood you’re in. Take time to create a playlist for yourself that meets all your needs. Listen on repeat until you’re bored of it, then make a new one!

Sing your heart out. Have a karaoke night all to yourself or go on a long drive and belt out the lyrics. It doesn’t take much to get creative at The Harvey if you’ve got music in you. Who knows, you might pick up a new passion or discover a talent you didn’t know you had!

Make a Time Capsule or Dream Board

Get creative at The Harvey and make something for yourself. Gather photos and mementos that are important to you – or that just bring you joy. Write a letter to your future self. Put it all in a box or jar and seal it shut to be opened in five or ten years. You can make it as simple or as complex as you want. Either way, you’ll have a creation that is guaranteed to be priceless to you one day.

If you’d rather create something that benefits you sooner rather than later, make a dream board. Collect images, items, and quotes that remind you of what you want out of life and all the thing you’re striving for. Need some inspiration? That’s okay – check out this site for a how-to. Your time capsule and dream board don’t have to look great, and that’s okay! They’re just for you.

Redesign a Room

Your living room hasn’t changed at all since you first moved in. Maybe the couch scooted a few inches back over time, but overall, it’s the exact same. Nothing stretches the brain more than change! Shake things up by rearranging your furniture. How can you rethink the room? What decorations or simple additions could transform the space? Plants. Curtains. Artwork. Rugs. Think it out. Draw it out. Design it on your computer. Try something and try again if you don’t like it. Everyone has a little bit of designer inside of them. Put yours to work! Get creative at The Harvey by changing things up and making your space even better than before.

Be productive. Have fun. Relax. Make the most of your free time. When you get creative at The Harvey, you can do all of those things. Which activity will you try?

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