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How to Boost Your Mood While Staying Home at The Harvey

staying home at The Harvey

When you’re stuck at home, you can get stuck in your mind. It’s hard to keep a positive mindset when you’ve been staring at the same walls for days, haven’t seen your friends in weeks and the weather always seems gray. These practices will help you boost your mood so you can thrive while staying home at The Harvey.

Practice Spirituality

Spirituality can be a lot of things. Yoga, meditation, and prayer are all great examples of spirituality practices, and great examples of activities that are proven to enhance your mood. Yoga reduces tension, stress, depression and hostility. It provides restoration and energy. Meditation and prayer relieve the mind of its negative, overwhelming thoughts and fosters positive thinking. To incorporate spirituality into your life at The Harvey, make it a habit and set a recurring calendar alert. Find what works best for you and stick to it. You’ll feel like a new and better you in no time.


Clutter creates a messy home and a messy mind. It’s a constant reminder of all the things that you should take care of, but don’t. It even has the power to fuel feelings of failure. This doesn’t mean you have to spend days on end perfecting and clearing your home. If you’re staying home at The Harvey, you have a few extra moments to notice the things that need attention. Don’t obsess over every little detail, though. Put things into neater stacks. Refold your clothes. Put your dishes away. Simple decluttering tasks are enough to ease the mind and instantly boost your mood.

Start Your Day Off Right

When you start your day on a good foot, the rest of your day will follow. It’s important to take time in the morning to set yourself up for success. Do a super quick morning workout to shake off grogginess and build your self-esteem. Do as many push-ups or sit-ups as you can in 2 minutes. Walk or jog in place for 5 minutes. Try a wall sit. Lunge from one end of your apartment to the other. Make sure you’ve got upbeat music playing while you exercise. This is just another way to help boost your mood and start on your day on a good and happy note!

Staying home at The Harvey can be great when you have the tools you need to stay positive. Whenever you’re feeling down, try these methods to instantly boost your mood. Oh, and, don’t forget to smile!

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